Hi, my name is Ícaro, I'm a graphic designer, brazilian  and creator of the Ícarus Project

Design goes beyond art and aesthetics, it is the solution to problems, complex or not.

Design is not just about what something looks like, it's about how it works.


Visual Identities

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I believe that the secret to developing the best projects is in communication, accompanied by a good briefing and a lot of immersion.



In addition to Visual Identities, I create packaging, illustrations, flyers and everything else that covers graphic design.

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A good design shouldn't just be beautiful, it should be the solution to real design problems.

But how is it done


It all starts with a good briefing, a form where I collect what I consider most important information to start the project.


Let's polish the briefing. We will do a market analysis in relation to the project. During the process, we can make adjustments to the briefing to bring about improvements.


We'll make the first drafts come to life, and in the end, we'll choose the version that best represents the brand's values.


Finally, I will separate the materials to be delivered in the most important formats and ready to be used.

Customer Reviews


our italian dream

"Very attentive, I knew how to transform my ideas into a very high level of work!"

Get in touch if you have any questions.

let's create amazing projects!